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11 Instagram Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Instagram mistakes

Nobody expects you to be an Instagram guru when you only started your account. It’s given you would go through the rite of passage, the trial, and error. But, some Instagram mistakes are easier to avoid than others. With enough information and direction.

No doubt there is a lot to juggle in the social media atmosphere. Your business tone, its message, and its image. Asking yourself are you on the right track is always a healthy question. Therefore, we rounded up a list of the classic Instagram mistakes some businesses do on Instagram.

Crossing these avoidable Instagram mistakes of your list will help you. Also, bring you a step closer to a lively and functional Instagram business account.


1. Ignoring The Numbers

The numbers don’t lie. As a way to help you understand your audience. Most social media platforms offer analytic tools, including Instagram. You should monitor those statistics for better insight. Those stats will tell you what your audience enjoys, excited about, or dislikes.

With that said, interpreting your business Instagram stats may not be as easy as it may seem. You can hire a digital marketing specialist. Or try our 15 minutes of free consultation. To see where your account rank up.

What you should do instead, perform A/B testing on your content. A/B testing existed long before the blossom of social media platforms. It allows you to present 2 or more pieces of content with small variation to your audience. Then gauge which content had a better response.

By performing the A/B test you’ll generate statistics that will help you decide on your next step.

2. Your Feed isn’t Shop-able

This one particularly is applicable for Business to Consumer (B2C) accounts. Your product could look impeccable on Instagram. But, are you making it easy for your consumers’ to buy them? Skipping this simple step could be causing you actual money.

For consumers is all about convenience. Consider your audience’s perspective. And remember, you’re fighting for your consumers’ attention.

Instagram didn’t have this feature at the beginning. But more B2C are adopting it. In a few clicks, your consumer is at the checkout page, finalizing the purchase.

Look at Amazon 1-click checkout played a big part in its success.

3. Buying Followers For The Gram

You see a well establishes brand on Instagram. You visit their profile. Their content is worthy. You check their followers, they have a decent number of 10,000 followers. You click on an image you see only 100 likes. Something is fishy! And you are right.

Buying followers will cause more harm to your brand than gaining credibility. Any frequent Instagram user can distinguish the difference between real and fake followers. You can’t convert fake followers to actual customers. Moreover, the Instagram algorithm it’s able to identify fake followers. And it will bury your hashtags from the public.

The good news is, Instagram is experimenting with no visible like’s content. It is implemented in some regions. That will help you reduce the burden of chasing likes. But until it is fully implemented worldwide you should work on building a real audience. A real tribe.

4.  You’re Pushing For Sales

Nobody likes a pushy salesman. The same rule applies to Instagram. If all your content is promotions and product selling. You will chase your consumers away and start to lose Instagram followers. Instead, give a sneak peek at the people behind the screen in your business. Showcase your staff and your office.

Also, you can feature your customers on your feed or story.

Don’t take our word. Look at how Apple runs their Instagram page. It’s dedicated to showing content made by its customers.


5. Not Offering Any Value

Thinking about value exchange is the mark of a successful business. Your customers are constantly seeking value. What’s your business offering them? Are you educating them? Or are you entertaining them?

Your content should fall under these categories. Or else why would they come to your page?

Moreover, it is easy to lose balance with this approach. Find a middle path between educating and entertaining your audience. Your educational content could come as tutorials or demos. The entertaining content can show your office environment and staff.

Invoking emotions through your content should be your primary goal. Emotions will resonate longer. It will push your audience to come back for more.

The more your content is enjoyable the higher it is engagement. Resulting in actual traffic and leads

6. Inconsistent Posting

Instagram algorithm rewards consistency. If you only posting content in your free time. You are hurting your chances of getting the exposure you need. And fall for another Instagram mistakes. Scheduling your content is how most “if not all” businesses who have successful Instagram do it.

Consistent content is good for a new audience. It gives the impression your profile is active. And your existing audience will appreciate the consistency you put out.

You want to stay consistent, but you want to focus on building your business as well. Don’t stress! You have several ways to go about this. Some tools will help you publish your content automatically. Like Buffer, You can work on all the content you’re planning to post in advance. Then set the day and time you want your content to go live.

7. Sleeping On Instagram stories


You don’t have to go live. There are other features you can explore such as Create Story. These features allow you to create text stories, ask questions, and do polls. Also, you can re-post Stories from followers who’ve mentioned you. Or share GIFs.It’s a good way to entertain your audience and present your brand personality.

Here are a few ideas that will spice up your stories in create mode:

  1. Countdown launch: this is great for product release, an announcement, and campaigns.
  2. Flashbacks: celebrate a milestone you achieved on this day. Also channels new traffic to an old post that was a previous hit. One of the few chances of Instagram repeating posts is encouraged.
  3.  Shout out to followers: this allows you to re-post content from your followers and fans. Allowing you to engage and appreciate their engagement, and keeping the cycle going.
  4. Add music to your stories: this isn’t available in all regions. But if you are among the lucky ones, make use of it. With this feature, you can search and add music clips to your videos. It’s perfect with behind the scene stories

8. Hashtag Stuffing

Using branded hashtags is crucial to increase your brand exposure. But, hashtag stuffing it’s novice Instagram mistakes that have the opposite effect. Trending hashtags have a High Search Volume. It’s better to avoid them. Since the competition is higher. Find alternative hashtags, and use them with your brand hashtag.

If you weren’t using any hashtags before. You are also missing out. It’s not a zero or sum game, middle grounds are the way to go. It’s recommended to use at least 3 hashtags and the most 5.

9. Not Investing In Your Bio

For Business accounts on Instagram, your bio is your backbone. A well-thought bio can send an accurate introduction of your business to your followers. Allowing you to inform them about your industry, contact details, and you can insert a URL to your website.

A good put-together bio should be able to tell followers why they should follow you. Use a short and snappy introduction that represents your brand. Learn more about how you can optimize your Instagram bio with our previous article.


10. Posting Irrelevant Content

Often you will see trending topics some will be relevant, and most aren’t. Fight the urge to jump on trending topics that are irrelevant to your brand. Consumers are much smarter than fifty years ago. They’re more likely to sniff your hunger for extra exposure. And deem you unauthentic.

We’re living in unprecedented times. With everything that is happening around the world. Instead, find a way to connect with your community. This is a great time to listen to your community. Find out their pains and gains. And look for ways to nurture your existing community.

For example, the Futur an online education platform is enabling their community. By sharing tips on how to work from home.

Also Asos a clothing brand is promoting wellness through their page. By hosting online yoga sessions. Focusing on educating their audience on ways to stay healthy and mindful.

11. Sitting On The Sideline

You are constantly active on Instagram, you post new content at a regular pace. But rarely engage with your audience or other content creators. Don’t forget Instagram is a social platform, be social. Try to engage other content creators. Tell them what you liked about their content. Build strategic relationships. This way your engagement will benefit your business profile in the long run. One way to go about this is to search for relevant hashtags. See what other content creators are talking about. Give them your 2 cents about their content “positive feedback” only.

Engagement Instagram mistakesSome final thoughts, these are crucial Instagram mistakes to avoid. And it can undermine your business’s Instagram page. It could take you some time to turn it around. Focus on a couple of them, get them right. Gradually you will see your page improving.

Some businesses create Instagram accounts because every business is doing it. The truth is maintaining a successful Instagram account needs work and patience. But, it doesn’t have to be your reality. With our experience in Instagram growth, learn how we can help you to take your account to the next level. And avoid these Instagram mistakes with our free Instagram brand audit

Share your thoughts with us in the comment box. What are some challenges you faced while working on your Instagram business account?


Author: Abdulaziz MohamedAbdulaziz Mohamed is a Content Strategist & Content Writer @ Digital Growth Boost. In the time of crisis, he turns to video games and Japanese anime for ideas.
Abdulaziz Mohamed

Abdulaziz Mohamed

Abdulaziz Mohamed is a Content Strategist & Content Writer @ Digital Growth Boost. In the time of crisis, he turns to video games and Japanese anime for ideas.

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